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Convenient and Safe

Online Giving simplifies regular donation to Saint Joseph by automatic withdrawal from your bank account or credit card for the amount and day(s) of the month you specify. Saint Joseph uses Our Sunday Visitor (OSV) Online Giving Division, a trusted name in Catholic publications, for safe, secure giving. Account and contribution information is encrypted and stored securely offsite by OSV. No parish staff has access to parishioner account information. So, why use Online Giving?

       Regular contributions, automatically withdrawn on the date specified (weekly, monthly, every two months, quarterly, semi-annually and annually gift  frequencies can be selected

       Eliminates remembering envelopes for your gifts to Saint Joseph. In addition, you can still use your envelopes with "gives electronically" checked or an envelope with cash or check.

       Parishioners may start, stop and change contributions at any time with a computer, mobile tablet or smartphone.

       Parishioners may use multiple accounts for giving, including both credit cards and bank accounts.

       Online Giving emails notification to givers that gifts will be processed and confirms that they have been processed. (No surprises) 

Saint Joseph has 28 categories for giving: Collections - Adult, School Support, School Tuition, SJ Centennial Improvement Campaign, St Vincent de Paul Society, General Donation, all holy days, etc.

Helps Saint Joseph Church
Online Giving helps our parish by making the contribution more regular (i.e. when you are on vacation your contribution still occurs), complements offering envelopes, aids with counting and recording gifts, and eliminates handling of gift monies.

Easy to Use
It is easy to set up an account and use via a Mobile device or Computer. After an account is set-up, you can access your account via either the computer or your mobile device.

Computer Access
You need access to a computer, an email account, and a bank account and/or credit card. Then you can set up contributions to any of the 28 gift categories. 'The Computer Tutorial' selection below provides detailed instruction for the computer interface if needed; while 'Get Started' or Online Giving logo starts OSV’s Online Giving for Saint Joseph.

Mobile Device Access (No Computer required)
You need access to your Mobile Device, an email account, and a bank account and/or credit card. Obtain the “ONLINE GIVING” Mobile App from your device’s App store by searching for “ONLINE GIVING” for Our Sunday Visitor. Search for Organization ID = “1553” or Organization NAME = “SAINT JOSEPH CATHOLIC CHURCH” for Saint Joseph Catholic Church, Ft. Wayne. If you use any mobile app, this ONLINE GIVING app is very easy to use. The Computer Tutorial instructions are very similar to the Mobile app interface and can be used to help you. Remember you can set-up your ONLIN GIVING via the computer and manage from your mobile device if you prefer.


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