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  Sacrament Preparation

Celebrating the Sacrament of Marriage (Matrimony)

 Arrangements for the celebration of marriage here at Saint Joseph parish must be made with the Pastor at least six months in advance. (It is better if you check a year in advance. A word to the wise, call the Parish Office and book the church prior to looking for a reception hall. A list of the rules for the ceremony in the church will be given during your first meeting with the pastor, or you can obtain one from the parish secretaries.


Preparation for marriage includes gathering documents together, arranging for testimony to be taken concerning your current marital status from those who know you best, and your baptismal status. A baptismal certificate is mandatory and the pastor can help you to arrange for the submission of the certificate. 


A first meeting with the pastor will include “filling out the paperwork,” and outlining the process and steps needed to prepare for the Sacrament of Marriage. A FOCCUS test instrument will be used to help with Communication Skills and readiness for the Sacrament; followed by the feedback sessions. An overview session concerning Natural Family Planning will be required and a list of possible dates will be provided. A Pre-Cana visit with couples from the parish will also be required.


Meeting with the pastor to plan the ceremony itself follows all other preparatory sessions and should be scheduled with the pastor for a time approximately one month to three weeks prior to the wedding date.



Baptism for an infant at Saint Joseph 

The first step into the Church of our Triune God is through the springs of water welling up from the heart of our God.  It is life-giving water, given to refresh, renew and wash clean each of those who are the elect of God.  This Sacrament is celebrated by the whole faith community.  Because one enters the church and journey’s with the community through this action, and is the work of the holy People of God, the celebration is recommended and preferably celebrated within the context of the Holy Mass, on Sundays, when the Community gathers for prayer and renewal.   


There is a requirement in this parish for parents seeking baptism for their child, to establish three months of active membership in the parish, (including Mass attendance every week, as well as use of weekly collection envelopes,) and attend a baptismal theology update session, (at least once every five years,) prior to scheduling the baptism of their child.  Godparents are always invited to attend the session with the parents, but are not obligated to do so. (see below for rules concerning godparents)


Baptisms are scheduled by appointment and are limited to certain Sundays of the month.


Rules regarding selection of Godparents and Sponsors for Sacraments:

                        from the Canons of our church law (canons 872-874)

          - Insofar as possible one to be baptized is to be given a sponsor who is to

            assist in adult Christian initiation, or, together with the parents, to present

            an infant at the baptism, and who will help the baptized to lead a Christian

            life in harmony with baptism, and to fulfill faithfully the obligations

            connected with it.

          - Only one male or one female sponsor or one of each sex is to be employed.

          - must be at least 16 years of age or older

          - must have received the Sacrament of Confirmation and full membership

          - must be an active participating Catholic, i.e. receiving the sacraments

                      (there must be no prohibitions levied from the law regarding reception of the sacraments)

          - if married, must be married in the church

          - must be giving good example of moral life

          - must not be the father or the mother of the one to be baptized

                       (and at Saint Joseph Parish)

          - must be registered in a parish - and if unknown by the minister of baptism,

            provide a letter or certificate from the pastor of their home parish,

            signifying that this person is an active registered member of the parish,

            receiving the sacraments and fulfills the canonical requirements to serve in

            the capacity of godparent or sponsor


Celebrating the Sacrament of Baptism for individuals 7 years of age or older



Celebrating the Sacrament of Eucharist

Because God has provided us with this renewable source of nourishment and grace, the sacrament is celebrated daily at Saint Joseph Church. For those brought into the church through the Right of Christian Initiation for Adults, First Communion is given at the Easter Vigil, the same time Baptism and Confirmation is celebrated. For those who were baptized as an infant, the Sacrament of Eucharist is approached after study during the second grade year in the school or in the Religious Formation program of the parish. If for some reason you were Baptized and never received your First Communion, please call the parish office and ask to speak to someone about the situation.


Celebrating the Sacrament of Confirmation 

This Sacrament, which is the second part of  the Initiation into the Holy People of God, is usually celebrated at Baptism for the Catechumen who comes into the church at the Easter Vigil. The priest who baptizes that night, is usually the minister of Confirmation during the rituals. 


For those who were baptized as infants, and are members of this parish, the sacrament is approached during the seventh and eighth grade years. Our parish maintains a three year program of preparation, enriching the faith already shared by parents, passing along more information to be processed by the student as they become more mature and readied to deepen their commitment to serving Christ in the Roman Catholic Church through participating in this sacrament. This program is for all who are either in the student body of Saint Joseph School or for those enrolled in public schools and participating in the Religious Formation program of the parish.


For adults, who for some reason were not confirmed as a youth, please call our parish secretaries and ask to speak with someone in the parish office about the possibilities and process of participating in the Sacrament of Confirmation.







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